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After 14 Days of Hunger Striking Equipto Speaks About the Aims of the Frisco 5 (Sun, 08 May 2016)
After hunger striking for 14 days, Equipto of the Frisco 5 speaks on his health, and the aims, objectives, and tactics of a movement that is meant to get San Francisco Police Chief Suhr fired, and is mushrooming into shutting down local government until Mayor Lee steps down also. Tune in for more at
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SF State Hunger Striker Hassani Bell Speaks on Cuts to Ethnic Studies and Aims of Their Movement (Sun, 08 May 2016) interviews SF State hunger striker and freshman Hassani Bell of the Third World Liberation Front 2016, on day 7 of the hunger strike, about the gradual cuts to Ethnic Studies that the University administration has made over the years, and TWLF '16's demand to grant Ethnic Studies $8 million a year so it can thrive. While doing the interview he is in the hospital where he is taking a break from visiting Equipto of the Frisco 5. Also he speaks on actor and former SF State student activist Danny Glover coming up to the university tomorrow to show his support for the strike. Tune in for more at Hassan's twitter is TLA_Hassani.
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Cuban Poet Nancy Morejon Speaks About Black Culture in Cuba (Sun, 01 May 2016)
Block Report Radio interviews legendary Cuban poet Nancy Marejon about Black culture in Cuba after the revolution. She talks about Cubanismo and African pride, she talks about contemporary Cuban painters, musicians of the past, Jazz, and more. If you would like to hear more from the Block Report, you could tune in regularly to
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Opio of Hiero Speaks on Phife, touring w/ Tribe, Hiero Day, and more (Sun, 01 May 2016) interviews Opio of Souls of Mischief and Hieroglyphics about the passing of Phife, touring with A Tribe Called Quest, the creation of Hiero-Day, and Opio's solo career. If you would like to hear more from the Block Report Radio, you could tune into
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Free Wil B and the other 13 defendants fighting police terror in LA! (Sun, 01 May 2016)
Block Report Radio interviews Wil B about the charges that can land him in prison for 8 1/2 years after being arrested at a anti-police terrorism rally, a year ago, in Los Angeles. Some of Wil's 13 codefendants have taken plea deals, he says that he will fight the charges until the end and declare his innocence. If you would like to hear more from the Block Report, you could tune in regularly to
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